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Civil-professional support as to save independence of research, gene conservation and heritage preservation institutions »»

February 16, 2016 We request Government and Parliament to LEAVE the INDEPENDENCE of the research, gene conservation and heritage preservation institutions, those which have great traditions, those which are assisting the sustainable development and objective strategic
Peliti the Greek Seed House »»

January, 2016 A seedbank is a type of gene bank in which seeds are preserved. Seedbanks are a means of preserving agro-biodiversity in a time of increased global domination of seed production and sale by large companies, with vast reduction of variety and genetically uniform seed. Local varieties
Food movement meeting in Berlin “Towards a stronger and broader food and farming movement in Europe” »»

January 15-18, 2016 Upon the proposal of Friends of Earth Hungary Kislépték, which undertakes representing the interest of small-scale famers and family farming, was honoured to participate together with Association of Conscious Consumers  at a meeting organised by Friends of the Earth Europe in
Visit of IYFF+10 at the Hungarian National Committee of IYFF+10 »»

On November 17, 2015 Laura Lorenzo form World Rural Forum, the Non French speaking Europe Desk Coordinator of IYFF +10 visited to Hungary. The main purpose of her visit to meet the members Hungarian National Committee. Laura explained the huge work they made to make 2014 for the Year of Family
Conference ‘Countryside is alive!’ »»

Conference ‘Countryside is alive!’ with more than 380 registered guests was held on 19th November 2015 on campus of the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. The aim of the Conference was to open the most serious issues and aspects faced by the Slovak agriculture, food processing
Charity Cookie Market »»

Christmas 2015 Christmas, feast of love, is coming. This time of the year more people are likely to help than on those grey days. All of us give what we can. There are people who can make nice cookies so they help people by cookies and make happiness to his/her neighbourhood. But it is allowed

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