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Waste and animal by-product proposals for prevention, regulations for the sake of small-scale »»

National Union for Representing the Interests of Small-scale Farmers (Kislépték) organized a workshop together with Herman Otto Institute (the successor of National Institute for Environment and the National Institute for Agricultural Consulting, Qualification and Rural development) on waste
Kislépték activities supported by NEA in 2016 »»

The fundamental objective of Kislépték to share knowledge on family farming, how to market their products; to introduce good practices for the rural people on multifunctional activities related to agrarian production and beyond; as well as to increase awareness on legal regulations and train its
International Workshop on Family Farming in Brno, Czech Republic »»

April 10, 2016 - Association of private farming of the Czech Republic (APF CR) organised an international meeting with the participation of several organizations working for family farming between 4-6 of April, 2016 for which Kislépték also received invitation. The title of the conference was:
Introducing Asociace soukromého zeměděldtvi ČR from Czech Republic »»

We would like to introduce a fellow association, which organises the IYFF National Committee in the Czech Republic. Association of Private Farming of the CR (Asociace soukromého zeměděldtvi ČR, APF CR) is a voluntary professional organization of private farmers in the Czech Republic. It was
How small producer may sell cakes? »»

February 17, 2016 Thank you the quick and lifellike answer from National Food Chain Safety Office ( What happened? As small-scale farmers are applying to the registry of household farmers and to obtain household farmers’ identification card we just
Dictionary: household farmer, small producer ……. »»

February 24, 2016 One of the main goals of Kislépték is to help small-scale farmers applying the food hygiene, agricultural production, taxation and trading rules as “user friendly” as possible. We are informing our members and supporters, as well as the wide society of

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